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THE VIEWER to screen in polarized format,
along with I CAN SEE YOU in LA

The Viewer has now been upgraded to screen in clear glasses polarized or shutter based systems.
It recently screened as part of London's Short & Sweet film program during their first ever 3D event,
and it will screen, along with I CAN SEE YOU at the Downtown Independent in LA on Friday, August 13th.
I'll be in attendence for Q and A.

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I CAN SEE YOU is the 41st entry on the ongoing
366 Weirdest Movies of All Time

The awesome site 366weirdmovies.com has included I CAN SEE YOU on their ongoing and
very discerning list of the 366 weirdest movies of all time. Quite a nice analysis of the film, too!

They have also asked me to contribute a list of my top ten favorite weird films, which you can read at their site!

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I CAN SEE YOU DVD / THE VIEWER (3D) releases on DVD today!

Kino Internaional's DVD release of I CAN SEE YOU comes out toda

There's also a screening of I CAN SEE YOU coming up in Boulder, Colorado on Friday Oct. 30th!

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I CAN SEE YOU DVD and VOD rights acquired by KINO VIDEO!

DVD to be released in the fall; more theatrical dates to come!

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Profile of Graham Reznick and I CAN SEE YOU at The Whiskey Dregs!

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Interview and reviews (of both I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER) are up at The Colonel's Crypt!

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--== I CAN SEE YOU review ==--
--== THE VIEWER review ==--



Great Variety review!

"Could build a cult following...Reznick's sound design effectively jangles nerves,
and two setpieces trumpet his visual prowess: a languid lovemaking scene lit by indirect flashlight
and a tour-de-force musical number that grows increasingly horrific."

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The premiere is tonight and the reviews are in!
The New York Times, The Village Voice, and Fangoria all give I CAN SEE YOU great writeups!

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Dread Central writes about the screenings and calls the I CAN SEE YOU poster
"One of the best posters we've ever seen"

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I CAN SEE YOU theatrical release begins April 29th in NYC!
Screenings will also feature THE VIEWER, a new 3 Dimensional short film

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Poster and exclusive stills for The Viewer revealed at Fangoria.com!

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Fangoria has a nice writeup about the I Can See You upcoming release!
More info to come soon about that and "The Viewer"...

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Johnny Butane of Dread Central says:

"I Can See You [is] one of the most
indefinable films I think I’ve ever seen...
...Reznick's one to keep an eye on"

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Dread Central has put up a nice interview about I CAN SEE YOU -

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Brand New Poster!

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A few new stills are up!

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Teaser Trailer is live! Check it out at the

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Principle photography has wrapped; website has launched!